I have always loved red. I think it’s one of my favourite colours to wear because it’s so bold and rich. So of course when I found this skirt with its amazing colour, preferable length and fun pleats (on sale too!), well I just couldn’t resist it.

Typically I love a good black and white combo, but now that it’s spring, I instead opted for a white shirt to create a lighter look. Because the skirt’s waistline was a bit plain, I thought it’d be fun to add a cool belt for some extra detail.

For my accessories, I of course colour-coordinated with my skirt because that’s pretty much my signature move. And isn’t obvious that I do love this red as I even have a plethora of side items in this colour? I chose my red handbag and these cute heart sunglasses felt fitting in this look.

Now for the bottom half of my look, you can see fishnet tights have made their way into my outfit yet again. They’ve become one of my favourite accessories because they fit in just about any outfit and bring a super fun detail and extra style to every one they are part of. And finally for my shoes, I went with my adorable sock booties.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday


Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Skirt: H&M / Top: Zara / Jacket: Zara / Tights: Bizou / Belt: H&M / Handbag: H&M


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