About Me

In short:

I am an adventure seeking risk taker (in both life and fashion) who has a passion for fashion. My dream is to someday own a boutique of my own in which I could share my style with other fashion lovers all the while incorporating my other passion, the environment, into my boutique by making environmentally friendly decisions and organizing promotions to improve the health of our planet as much as I possibly can.

In detail:

Unlike most fashionistas, fashion hasn’t always been important to me. On the contrary, up until a few years ago, clothes were really just something I put on my back to keep me warm and comfortable. It wasn’t until I got my first real job and had money to spend on whatever I desired that I realized I desired to spend it on clothes. Little by little, with every new purchase, my career as a shopaholic began. And with that, my love for fashion began to blossom.

To those who never got swept away by fashion as I have, I understand how it can seem like a bit of a superficial industry. And for some people, maybe it is. But for me, fashion is so much more than staying on top of the trends or how many pairs of designer shoes I have in my closet (which would be zero by the way, unfortunately). For me, fashion has been something I can count on to lighten my spirits when I need a boost, or to serve as a distraction when my thoughts get too troubled; but most of all, fashion has been a way to help me feel comfortable in my own skin.

It isn’t something that I have admitted to many people until very recently, but I’ve always struggled to be happy with my appearance. And an especially difficult fact for me to accept has been that I cannot change the way that I look. So fashion gave me another solution; I can dress myself up in clothes that are so pretty that they make me feel pretty. In that way, fashion has given me the confidence that I never had.

Because of that it has come to be a big part of my every day life and now I have decided to share my adventure with fashion with all of you! So I hope that you come to enjoy it as much as I do.





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