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A little about me... I’m originally from New Brunswick, and currently living in (and loving) Toronto, Ontario with my dog and boyfriend whom I love so deeply.



What makes me a bit unique is that my passions are shared equally between both fashion and the environment. This is a mix that is somewhat rare, as fashion has a record for being a massive polluter. However, with new technologies, there are other ways to avoid this now. It is therefore my goal in life to build a career that mixes my new passions to create a new and better world.
Here is when my passion for fashion began…

Unlike most fashionistas, fashion hasn’t always been important to me. On the contrary, until high school, clothes were really just something I put on my back to keep me warm and comfortable. It wasn’t until I got my first real job and had money to spend on whatever I desired that I realized I desired to spend it on clothes. Little by little, with every new purchase, my career as a shopaholic began. And with that, my love for fashion began to blossom.

To those who never got swept away by fashion as I have, I understand how it can seem like a bit of a superficial industry. And for some people, maybe it is. But for me, fashion is so much more than staying on top of the trends or how many pairs of designer shoes I have in my closet. For me, fashion has been something I can count on to lighten my spirits when I need a boost, or to serve as a distraction when my thoughts get too troubled; but most of all, fashion has been a way to help me feel comfortable in my own skin.

Because of that it has come to be a big part of my every day life and now I have decided to share my adventure with fashion with all of you! So I hope that you come to enjoy it as much as I do.

Here is how my passion for the environment began…

I grew up in a very tiny town (it’s actually called a village, it’s so small) and on a dead-end street with nearly zero traffic and a sole neighbour. Other than the one, my surrounding neighbours were the woods. Facing my house, behind my house and to the left of my house were all beautiful, green trees. And so, naturally, I practically grew up in the forest. Summer or winter, my friends and I would spend our days surrounded by trees. With an endless amount of trees to climb, leaves to catch, hills to climb, spots to discover, and insects to inspect, it was a dream.

To this day, there is no place I feel more at peace at than in nature. Growing up so close to it gave me an unrelenting love the environment, and with it, a strong urgency to protect it. No matter what I do in life, I have always felt as if my life won’t feel completely meaningful if I don’t do something to help to health of the planet.

Our earth is so beautiful and so precious, my goal is to make every person see that it must be protected at all costs.

Thank you for following along!


Fashionably Natalie





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