Doesn’t this look give you such a 50’s fashion vibe? It honestly wasn’t intentional. I noticed it once I paired the white blouse with this skirt and then I decided to just go for it because I’ve always loved the fashion from that decade. From the start of Coco Chanel to Christian Dior with the “New Look” and all of the glamour… Oh that’s the thing of dreams. However, considering the huge step back for women and the oppression at that time, I think I’d rather just enjoy the decade’s styles renewed in my own time now. But that’s a whole other topic.

This skirt has been a great addition to my wardrobe since I bought it as I have already worn it many times. I love it because it’s not only cute and easy to pair, it’s also very comfortable.

Though I’ve had fun pairing it with some more fun colours, for its debut on the blog I wanted to remain more simple. Therefore I stayed within the skirt’s own colours and matched my accessories to it. I had to first pick a colour for my top that would allow me to do so, and white was the best for this. I chose this blouse in particular because I love the style of it (I also have it in blue stripes) and it brought a fun detail to the look that made it more unique.

Since I decided to go for a fifties inspired look, I needed pointy-to shoes and luckily had the perfect ones. I then would have needed a nice shiny diamond or pearl necklace to go around my neck to be true to the fifties, but since I don’t own one and that would’ve been a bit too much I went with the closest thing I have which is this white choker with little diamonds.

To finish off, I added a purse to match, beige sunglasses, created soft curls in my hair, put on a pink lip and my look was complete.

Which decade has your favourite fashion styles?

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Top: H&M / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Forever21 / Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories / Choker: H&M




Happy Monday!

I’ve gotta start this blog post with the item I’m most excited about: this beautiful top. I wanted it as soon as I saw it, but I didn’t get it right away and then I thought it had sold out and I was too late… I was really bummed about it, but then I found out it went on sale for more than half the price! Isn’t it amazing when that happens? The style of this top is so cute (and was such a good price) that I actually ended up buying it in white as well. What I love about this top is that it has so much going on but it works. It’s a wrap around with a tie and the cool blue of the stripes makes it a great summer top.

I really wanted to pair this top with a white skirt, but since I unfortunately don’t own one I had to improvise. The “skirt” I’m wearing is actually a dress! I think it worked though and it was the best colour to create a really summery look and be able to continue the theme of the blue.

To emphasize the blue of the top, I wanted to add more so this hat was exactly the accessory I needed. For my shoes, I’d been looking for an excuse to finally bring these babies out to play but I could never find the right outfit because they make such a strong statement that they’re hard to pair. Alas, I think I finally found the perfect outfit for them. They matched the look both in colour and in the “summery” theme.

To finish off, I needed a bag but it had to be the right colour. I couldn’t add more blue because that would’ve been too much, but I also wanted to bring in a little pop of a different colour so this soft pink worked because it still completed the blue well. Because it was sunny I added some sunglasses and then my outfit was done!
Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie

Top: H&M / Dress: H&M / Hat: Aldo Accessories / Shoes: JustFab / Bag: Forever21 / Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories




One of the newest trends is the corset waist–it started with belts but now it’s come to actually be a part of clothing like it is in this dress. Personally, I love it. I think it’s a great trend because it emphasized your waist and adds this really cool detail to your outfit that creates a fun look without you even trying.

If you’re not a fan of this trend because it reminds you too much of the corset dresses women used to be forced to wear that would nearly suffocate them, this time around the style is much more practical. This dress is a great example of that as the corset waist is actually elastic which means it’s extremely comfortable!

Now for how I styled this look. I thought it would be cute to do an all-white outfit so I went these white sneakers to add to the comfortable look. I didn’t add any extra accessories as I didn’t want to take away from the corset or the white look.

For my lip colour, I obviously had to do something other than white because I’m not into looking like a vampire. While I could have easily picked a nice pink or red, I decided to use the blank pallet of this outfit to explore further into my colour options and landed on this purple shade! This is a lipstick that I really love but can only wear sometimes as it’s definitely a harder colour to match. I do love it though as I love to take fashion risks and it’s so unique, so I was quite happy to have the chance to wear it for this outfit.

Before I end this post, I want to give you guys a couple challenges:

1 – Don’t be intimidated by the corset waist; it is in fact super comfortable and I promise you’ll feel great while wearing it!

2 – Like I did with my lip colour, don’t be afraid to take risks in your clothing (or make-up). Life is more fun when step out of the box 😉

Happy Wednesday loves!

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Dress: H&M / Shoes: H&M / Lipstick: NYX “Sway”




This look feels about as summer as it gets: I’ve got the summer dress that is over-the-shoulder, the sandals and the light colours. And I just love it.

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it, and knew I wanted to buy it when I tried it because it’s also super comfortable!

I feel I could probably style this dress multiple ways, but for this post I wanted to create a super summery look so I decided on all white accessories.

I started with these chunky sandals which I lovee styling in the summer because they instantly make any look super fun. Second, I knew I wanted to add a choker because I love the look of them with off-the-shoulder pieces. This one I found was perfect because it matched the white I wanted, but it’s also just the cutest with the diamonds and the lace up! And finally, this clutch was exactly what I needed to finish off the look because it was white with sparkles which added just the right last piece.

Let me know what you think of this summer outfit in the comments below, and what your favourite summer looks are!

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Dress: H&M / Shoes: JustFab / Clutch: H&M / Chocker: H&M 



This outfit was created on a day when I was running late and was looking for something easy and comfortable to throw on. It wasn’t supposed to be a great outfit, but I ended up really liking it.

I started with this black skirt, and decided I wanted to wear a light top so I went with this plain white tee. Now it was just too boring like that, so I had to add something extra to it. This choker ending up being exactly what I needed as it balanced out the black and white and it brought the pop that the look needed.

My black lace up shoes seemed to be a good fit for this outfit, and then I just had to add some colour because I can’t do an outfit without it. Red seemed like the perfect compliment, so I added a bold lip and matching handbag and I think it was just that that brought this outfit to great.

What started off as a quickly thrown on outfit turned into a stylish minimalistic look. So the point of this blog is that you don’t have to overthink your outfits or try too hard, because often my best outfits happen when I’m not trying. So just look into your closet and throw some stuff together to test it out, and you might just create something great.

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Top, skirt, shoes, handbag, choker: H&M





To start off, I have to say how much I love spring. Though I’m not sure why, this year I have grown an exceptional love for this season. Yes, there are a lot of rainy days, but that rain allows for the grass to get green again and for beautiful flowers to bloom like these trees in my pictures. And between the rainy days, we get wonderful weather that’s not too cold and not too warm and helps us ease us into the summer. So yeah, I’ve been enjoying this spring.

Now let’s talk about my outfit. When I first saw this top, my initial thought was that it was just a little too pink and frilly. But somehow it came to grow on me, and when I saw it again later I realized that I actually loved it and had to buy it. What I really like about it is that is has the cutest peplum bottom.

For my pants, I thought these navy blue polka-dot ones were a perfect compliment to the top because the colour matches without having to go with a neutral, and the pattern works because the top is a solid colour.

To finish off, I matched the rest of my pieces to my top to balance out the colours and to create a really girly look. I chose my soft pink lace-up flats, pink handbag and sunglasses to tie the whole look together.

It feels like summer here in Toronto today, and I hope all of you are getting to enjoy a beautiful day as well

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie

Top: H&M / Pants: Marshall’s / Shoes: H&M / Handbag: Forever21 / Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories




Though they are a weed and the majority of people tend to treat them as such, I love dandelions. Every year when they pop up I get so excited because I know it means summer is on its way! And they may be a weed, but you’ve gotta admit they’re the best looking weed out there–their bright yellow colour is the other reason why I love them, because once they pop up they add such brightness to the grass and make me feel happy every time I step outside.

So for this outfit I kept it rather casual. This shirt is a new addition to my closet, and I love it because it’s so comfortable and because it’s a great colour that is perfect for this season. I knew I wanted to add my denim jacket, because it’s pretty much the official jacket of spring and it’s definitely been my go-to lately.

For my pants I went with something a bit darker and edgy to create a fun contrast. My choice in handbag went in the same direction as I chose this leather and cheetah one.

I didn’t want to go too dark though, so I went with my white sneakers for my shoes to balance out the look and to stay with the casual feel of the outfit.

Finally, for some extra details I added this cute leaf chocker and these sunglasses that matched with my top.


Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Top: H&M / Pants: H&M / Jacket: Forever21 / Chocker: Amazon / Sneakers: H&M / Handbag: NineWest / Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories




I have always loved red. I think it’s one of my favourite colours to wear because it’s so bold and rich. So of course when I found this skirt with its amazing colour, preferable length and fun pleats (on sale too!), well I just couldn’t resist it.

Typically I love a good black and white combo, but now that it’s spring, I instead opted for a white shirt to create a lighter look. Because the skirt’s waistline was a bit plain, I thought it’d be fun to add a cool belt for some extra detail.

For my accessories, I of course colour-coordinated with my skirt because that’s pretty much my signature move. And isn’t obvious that I do love this red as I even have a plethora of side items in this colour? I chose my red handbag and these cute heart sunglasses felt fitting in this look.

Now for the bottom half of my look, you can see fishnet tights have made their way into my outfit yet again. They’ve become one of my favourite accessories because they fit in just about any outfit and bring a super fun detail and extra style to every one they are part of. And finally for my shoes, I went with my adorable sock booties.

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday


Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Skirt: H&M / Top: Zara / Jacket: Zara / Tights: Bizou / Belt: H&M / Handbag: H&M



Hey guys!

In this blog post I’ll be talking all about jeans. They are by no means new to fashion–in fact, they’ve been around for decades–but the reason I’m dedicating an entire post to them today is because the jeans in stores today are different than what we’ve known them as so far. It could be said that in the past couple years, denim has re-branded itself. It has gone from being recognized as a simple, casual pant to getting a whole new face that has a ton of refreshing and utterly trendy styles.

I think it started a bit small, a couple years ago, when designers started to bring back older styles like the wide leg, denim-on-denim, and became overly obsessed with the high-waist. But this year there was clearly no holding back and no lacking of imagination when it came to introducing new styles of denim.

If I’m being honest, I was never a big fan of jeans. In fact, I used to hate them and up until a couple years ago, I owned only one pair. The reason for that was that I felt like the jeans offered to me then were too plain, and not enough for me to truly express myself. I love to wear something that is bold, and tells people that I am not afraid to take risks. And that was never truly offered in denim–until now. Today there are so many creative and bold styles of denim to choose from and it’s so refreshing to a person like me, as it gives me a new light in fashion. That’s why I did a blog post for this–I think I just wanted to get you all as excited about the revival of denim as I am.

Now to show you all of these styles of denim I’ve been rambling about: here are 6 of the best I’ve noticed so far.


1. Colour block denim
pants161222101_2Link: http://www.shein.com/Blue-Contrast-Raw-Hem-Straight-Jeans-p-336444-cat-1740.html


2. Straight leg

Straight High Cropped Jeans - Denim blue - Ladies | H&M CA 1


Link: http://www2.hm.com/en_ca/productpage.0481218001.html#Denim blue

3. Patched denim

Distressed Patch Graphic JeansLink: http://www.forever21.com/CA/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=bottom_jeans&ProductID=2000228886&VariantID=

4. Embroidered denim

Link: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/jeans-446/moto-floral-embroidered-mom-jeans-6113925?bi=202&ps=20

5. Frayed bottoms


6. Pearl beads

Image 1 of HIGH RISE JEANS WITH PEARL BEADS from ZaraLink: http://www.zara.com/ca/en/woman/jeans/customized/high-rise-jeans-with-pearl-beads-c401001p4337057.html

Of course there are many other versions of these styles as well, but I hope this post grew your love for denim and inspired you to rock some of these jeans this season. One thing that’s for sure is that you’ll be seeing me in a lot of denim!


Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie




By looking at these pictures it’s clear that there is a theme here: the colour blue! However hat wasn’t exactly intentional; it just kind of happened.

The first piece of this outfit was the jeans. I really wanted to wear these today because they’re new and I’m very excited about them. I just love these because of the denim patches on them. I love that because without them, these would have just been very simple jeans, but the patches add a somewhat subtle detail that make the pants more stylish and trendy.

For my top, because the blue in the jeans made it difficult to match with another colour, I decided on this white button-down blouse. It was a bit too plain though, so I added this blue vest over-top. To balance out the outfit, I added my blue hat which then created the very clear blue theme of this look.

Then I had to finish off the look. It would have been too much to add yet another blue piece with my shoes, so I decided to go for something very opposite with these cheetah heels to bring a super fun twist to the look. And voila, my outfit was complete.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday!


Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Top: H&M / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Jessica Simpson / Hat: Aldo Accessories / Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories