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In the world of fashion, we are constantly trying to up our game and step it up to the next level. That’s probably how these leggings came to be designed. First came the lace up tops, then the corset belts, which turned into corset belts on everything, so of course,  with the course of these styles being added onto the market, it seems only natural that these leggings would be the next step. And now for most, these pants likely seem ridiculous, but to a fashion lover like me, they’re fantastic.

I have to say a pair of plain black pants is a must in every girl’s wardrobe as it is an easy style for any top, but the thing is that once you’ve a got a great pair, you don’t really need any more. What’s the fun in multiple pairs of plain black pants? That’s what I think anyway, and so I keep my eyes out for a pair of black pants like these–completely the opposite of plain. I’m really excited about adding these to my wardrobe because now I have the perfect pant to spice up an otherwise safe top.

For this outfit, I chose my long green hoodie. I think this is a great option for these leggings because it is longer, and also because it isn’t too loud that it competes with the pants but rather, compliments it instead while adding the colour the outfit needs. I added a belt to make the sweater more flattering as it does fit more lose and doesn’t have any natural fit to it.

To finish up the look, I added my leather booties and my bow handbag to add some neutral colour.

What do you guys think of the lace-up leggings? How would you style them?

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie

Hoodie: Zara / Leggings: H&M / Boots: H&M / Bag: Aldo / Belt: H&M


Hey guys! Happy Monday!

Alright, so I’ve done a few 3 Ways to Wear it now, and I hope you guys have been liking them as much as I do. I think it’s a great way to create some inspiration for re-wearing pieces. We can probably all agree that it’s no fun having a sole way to style a piece, because that means it’ll always look the same. And since most of us don’t particularly enjoy wearing the same thing every day, that means that piece won’t see light as much. Therefore I think an important tool to have is to know how to style an item different ways, and here comes my posts to give you ideas! So read on and keep an eye out for more of these to give you the tools to ensure every piece in your closet gets its rightful time in the light.

For this post, I chose the piece that has likely been the most purchased item in the last couple months: a sweater! And more specifically, an over-sized sweater. These are much desired for its coziness, however, they can be so bulky they become hard to style and so they were the perfect option for this post.

Scroll down to see how I styled mine!


Sweater dress with over-the-knee boots – Perfect for weekend brunch


In this first style, I’m wearing the sweater as a dress to create a look that’s romantic, feminine and just a little sexy. The over-the-knee boots are the perfect choice to pair with a sweater dress because 1) it’s getting too cold for bare legs, so these cover up most of your skin, 2) this combo is arguably the epitome of fall fashion and finally 3) when you see them together, there’s just no discussion to be made because it’s a fact that these two are a match made in heaven.

Since my sweater is cream, I had a range of options for colours, but I decided to stay simple with these grey beauties. They’re special because they lace up in the back which makes them just that much better. And to finish, I added this bag that was the perfect amount of colour that doesn’t scream too loud but added what was needed.

Sweater: H&M / Boots: Public Desire / Bag: Steve Madden


A little dressier & a little funkier Perfect for a day outing with the girls

For the second outfit, I added some pants and heels to create a look that’s girly and fashion-forward. To create this style, choose a pair of pants that’s fun and can grab the attention. Once you have that, pick out a pair of girly shoes to match. Heels (especially pointy-toed) are a great option because they help make your legs look longer and therefore reduce the look of bulkiness that the sweater brings, leaving it at a happy cozy. Finish off the look with a cute bag! (Extra advice: pearls are all the rage this season, so feel free to use this as your excuse to rock it)

Sweater: H&M / Pants: Marshall's / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Aldo


Totally casual – Perfect for a Saturday at the market


My final look is completely casual for an effortless comfortable result. I’ve brought out my favourite pair of jeans and just tucked in the sweater to give it more shape. My heels have been swapped out for a comfortable pair of loafers. Since I love to be extra, mine cheetah-print plain because an extra edge to the outfit. However, black or any type of flats would work fine as well. Add a cute cross-body bag, a dark lip and you’re ready to enjoy a beautiful fall day outside.

Sweater: H&M / Jeans: H&M / Shoes: Ardene's / Bag: NineWest

That’s it for today, hope you guys loved this post and got inspired to take another look in your closets!

Which look did you like best? Let me know in the comments!

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie




It’s finally that time of year again; it’s fall time!!! Though it hasn’t always been so (I used to be a summer girl all the way), this is definitely my favourite season now. I love everything about it from the cool weather to warming up in cozy sweaters with hot drinks, to the leaves changing colours, to apple-picking, to pumpkin carving, to Thanksgiving, to the lowering number of days til Christmas time (!!!), and more.

Along with my love for the season is my excitement for the fashion. As I mentioned above, I have a special love for the cozy sweaters, but also the typical fall colours of burgundy, mustard yellow and emerald green, as well as the new trends of the season this year.

So with all that said, I was super excited to start creating fall outfits for my blog. Here is how I created my first one, and look for the many more to come.

Let’s start with my sweater. In a post a couple months back, I talked about my love for the new trend of the cut-out choker. So of course when I saw this sweater I fell in love right away. Not only is it a beautiful colour and a beautiful knit, but it also has this cut out choker neckline that adds uniqueness to the top by giving it that extra something special. I’m so glad I found it and it’s definitely going to be on repeat this season.

Now let’s talk about my pants. These bottoms–in more or less identical design–seem to be just about everywhere. I got them a couple months ago but since then I have seen them in all stores. It seems safe to say that they are a popular pattern this season, and if you’re looking for a pair, you have your pick of choices. As for mine specifically, I couldn’t be happier. They are like a knit legging so they are unbelievably comfortable.

Next, on to my bag. I honestly never knew I needed a handbag decorated with pearls until I came across this beauty. Pearls seem to be another big trend this season, as they’re appearing on lots of t-shirts, sweaters, skirts, shoes, and of course, handbags. I gotta say the girly-girl in me loves it. It’s such a cute feminine addition to an outfit. So I’m definitely thrilled I found this bag (on sale for 60% off too!) and I can’t wait to style it with multiple outfits.

Finishing off my look, I took a look at my outfit and decided it was too neutral (because you know how I need colour) and so I added this burgundy hat! It seemed like the perfect addition to the outfit as it gave it more life. The last piece was the shoes and right away I knew it had to be these faux leather booties.

Who else loves fall ? What’s your favourite part about this season?

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Sweater: H&M / Pants: Zara / Hat: Forever21 / Boots: H&M / Bag: Aldo




Today’s outfit was styled completely around one item and surprisingly enough, it was my socks! I’ve been a fan of the fishnet tights since they came back into style, and now the newest version of fishnet is socks and I’m obsessed. I think it’s the greatest addition to an outfit because it’s such a small piece yet it adds to much to the look. I love how they can be styled with so many types of shoes–heels, sneakers, booties, and possibly my favourite, loafers.

I bought these fishnet socks then went on the search for the perfect pair of loafers, and though I was originally looking for a black pair, I happened to come across this cheetah pair and I thought they were fantastic. This style definitely isn’t for everyone, but I am a person who loves to take fashion risks and wear bold styles so I was excited to show these off.

Now that I had found my dream shoe/sock combo, I had to create an outfit to go with it. I wanted to avoid pants so I could fully show off my shoes, so I decided on a skirt. Because the shoes/socks make such a statement, I had to keep my clothes on the minimal side. That’s always the key to wearing something bold; you can’t overwhelm the look with too many crazy pieces or it will become too much. Therefore, this plain black skirt was the perfect option.

As for my top, I wanted to wear a sweater because it’s fall now and this mustard yellow was the perfect colour to compliment my cheetah print shoes.

To finish the outfit, I added a couple things to accessorize. First I chose this black hat because I thought it helped tie the outfit together and I just think it’s really cute. And finally, I opted for my cheetah print handbag to match my shoes.

What do you guys think of the fishnet socks? How do you like to wear yours?

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Sweater: H&M / Skirt: H&M / Hat: Aldo Accessories / Bag: NineWest / Shoes: Ardene’s / Socks: H&M




If the younger extreme girly-girl me saw the outfit I’m wearing, I think she’d be shocked. In the past few years as the trends have changed, so has my style. I used to be a girl who wore dresses every day, loved pink and always finished off an outfit with a pair of high (and uncomfortable) heels. And though I still love to dress really girly every so often, I have definitely expanded my range in style. This outfit is an example of this and I love it.

The past couple months have seen an older style come back to life with a great vengeance: rock band tees. Though I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to pull them off, I really like them because it’s such a cool look. I’m especially a fan of this one I’m wearing because it has the choker cut out which is another new trend. This one may seem ridiculous to some, but I think it’s a really cool next step from the revival of the chokers. I like that it’s actually a part of the shirt now and it looks like I cut it out myself as it has an “unprofessional” cut but that’s what creates the chic effortless look to it that I like.

When it came to deciding how to style this shirt, I thought I had to match it with some kind of leather. These pants were exactly what I needed to create a full edgy look. For my accessories, I added my red handbag to match the red in the top and bring out some colour to the outfit. And finally for my shoes, I had a few options but I ultimately ended up with my cheetah heels because I think it adds such a fun final detail to the look that you don’t really expect.

What do you guys think of the revival of band tees? How do you like to style them?

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Top: H&M / Pants: H&M / Shoes: Town Shoes / Bag: H&M 




Doesn’t this look give you such a 50’s fashion vibe? It honestly wasn’t intentional. I noticed it once I paired the white blouse with this skirt and then I decided to just go for it because I’ve always loved the fashion from that decade. From the start of Coco Chanel to Christian Dior with the “New Look” and all of the glamour… Oh that’s the thing of dreams. However, considering the huge step back for women and the oppression at that time, I think I’d rather just enjoy the decade’s styles renewed in my own time now. But that’s a whole other topic.

This skirt has been a great addition to my wardrobe since I bought it as I have already worn it many times. I love it because it’s not only cute and easy to pair, it’s also very comfortable.

Though I’ve had fun pairing it with some more fun colours, for its debut on the blog I wanted to remain more simple. Therefore I stayed within the skirt’s own colours and matched my accessories to it. I had to first pick a colour for my top that would allow me to do so, and white was the best for this. I chose this blouse in particular because I love the style of it (I also have it in blue stripes) and it brought a fun detail to the look that made it more unique.

Since I decided to go for a fifties inspired look, I needed pointy-to shoes and luckily had the perfect ones. I then would have needed a nice shiny diamond or pearl necklace to go around my neck to be true to the fifties, but since I don’t own one and that would’ve been a bit too much I went with the closest thing I have which is this white choker with little diamonds.

To finish off, I added a purse to match, beige sunglasses, created soft curls in my hair, put on a pink lip and my look was complete.

Which decade has your favourite fashion styles?

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Top: H&M / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Zara / Bag: Forever21 / Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories / Choker: H&M




Happy Monday!

I’ve gotta start this blog post with the item I’m most excited about: this beautiful top. I wanted it as soon as I saw it, but I didn’t get it right away and then I thought it had sold out and I was too late… I was really bummed about it, but then I found out it went on sale for more than half the price! Isn’t it amazing when that happens? The style of this top is so cute (and was such a good price) that I actually ended up buying it in white as well. What I love about this top is that it has so much going on but it works. It’s a wrap around with a tie and the cool blue of the stripes makes it a great summer top.

I really wanted to pair this top with a white skirt, but since I unfortunately don’t own one I had to improvise. The “skirt” I’m wearing is actually a dress! I think it worked though and it was the best colour to create a really summery look and be able to continue the theme of the blue.

To emphasize the blue of the top, I wanted to add more so this hat was exactly the accessory I needed. For my shoes, I’d been looking for an excuse to finally bring these babies out to play but I could never find the right outfit because they make such a strong statement that they’re hard to pair. Alas, I think I finally found the perfect outfit for them. They matched the look both in colour and in the “summery” theme.

To finish off, I needed a bag but it had to be the right colour. I couldn’t add more blue because that would’ve been too much, but I also wanted to bring in a little pop of a different colour so this soft pink worked because it still completed the blue well. Because it was sunny I added some sunglasses and then my outfit was done!
Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie

Top: H&M / Dress: H&M / Hat: Aldo Accessories / Shoes: JustFab / Bag: Forever21 / Sunglasses: Aldo Accessories




One of the newest trends is the corset waist–it started with belts but now it’s come to actually be a part of clothing like it is in this dress. Personally, I love it. I think it’s a great trend because it emphasized your waist and adds this really cool detail to your outfit that creates a fun look without you even trying.

If you’re not a fan of this trend because it reminds you too much of the corset dresses women used to be forced to wear that would nearly suffocate them, this time around the style is much more practical. This dress is a great example of that as the corset waist is actually elastic which means it’s extremely comfortable!

Now for how I styled this look. I thought it would be cute to do an all-white outfit so I went these white sneakers to add to the comfortable look. I didn’t add any extra accessories as I didn’t want to take away from the corset or the white look.

For my lip colour, I obviously had to do something other than white because I’m not into looking like a vampire. While I could have easily picked a nice pink or red, I decided to use the blank pallet of this outfit to explore further into my colour options and landed on this purple shade! This is a lipstick that I really love but can only wear sometimes as it’s definitely a harder colour to match. I do love it though as I love to take fashion risks and it’s so unique, so I was quite happy to have the chance to wear it for this outfit.

Before I end this post, I want to give you guys a couple challenges:

1 – Don’t be intimidated by the corset waist; it is in fact super comfortable and I promise you’ll feel great while wearing it!

2 – Like I did with my lip colour, don’t be afraid to take risks in your clothing (or make-up). Life is more fun when step out of the box 😉

Happy Wednesday loves!

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Dress: H&M / Shoes: H&M / Lipstick: NYX “Sway”




This look feels about as summer as it gets: I’ve got the summer dress that is over-the-shoulder, the sandals and the light colours. And I just love it.

I loved this dress as soon as I saw it, and knew I wanted to buy it when I tried it because it’s also super comfortable!

I feel I could probably style this dress multiple ways, but for this post I wanted to create a super summery look so I decided on all white accessories.

I started with these chunky sandals which I lovee styling in the summer because they instantly make any look super fun. Second, I knew I wanted to add a choker because I love the look of them with off-the-shoulder pieces. This one I found was perfect because it matched the white I wanted, but it’s also just the cutest with the diamonds and the lace up! And finally, this clutch was exactly what I needed to finish off the look because it was white with sparkles which added just the right last piece.

Let me know what you think of this summer outfit in the comments below, and what your favourite summer looks are!

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Dress: H&M / Shoes: JustFab / Clutch: H&M / Chocker: H&M 



This outfit was created on a day when I was running late and was looking for something easy and comfortable to throw on. It wasn’t supposed to be a great outfit, but I ended up really liking it.

I started with this black skirt, and decided I wanted to wear a light top so I went with this plain white tee. Now it was just too boring like that, so I had to add something extra to it. This choker ending up being exactly what I needed as it balanced out the black and white and it brought the pop that the look needed.

My black lace up shoes seemed to be a good fit for this outfit, and then I just had to add some colour because I can’t do an outfit without it. Red seemed like the perfect compliment, so I added a bold lip and matching handbag and I think it was just that that brought this outfit to great.

What started off as a quickly thrown on outfit turned into a stylish minimalistic look. So the point of this blog is that you don’t have to overthink your outfits or try too hard, because often my best outfits happen when I’m not trying. So just look into your closet and throw some stuff together to test it out, and you might just create something great.

Yours truly,
Fashionably Natalie


Top, skirt, shoes, handbag, choker: H&M